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Complete drum HJ/SA

This drum could have been used by either the HJ or the SA. Most people believe the red/white colors are exclusive to HJ in drums but there were in fact 3 main combinations used: red/white, green/white, black/white that could be used. Not sure why the different colors. Drum is in fantastic condition with both skins original and intact, a rare fact in itself. It has the metal handle although the leather trimming on it is absent. It has a great maker marking and is even dated 1939! It also comes with the ultra rare hanger showing the eagle common to both HJ/SA. Also included are a pair of sticks in matching condition. The only issue with this drum is that the red/white paint is starting to lift and peel. I don't want to put glue or anything else to alter it, so I will leave it to the next owner to figure it out. I will pack it the best I can to minimize rubbing and peeling. Be advised it is a heaving thing that will need lots of wrapping to protect it, so shipping can be expensive depending where it goes