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Authenticity, Guarantee & Return Policy

I only collect authentic, original, period items and I sell them as such. I however understand and accept that different people can have different opinions regarding authenticity and that ‘experts’ are numerous in this field. I will not enter into arguments with anybody as to the authenticity of the items I offer for sale. The bottom line is: you have to be happy with what you buy. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

Therefore, I do not offer any guarantee or make any claim as it would be ludicrous anyway. I could start printing ‘authenticity certificates’ but they would only be worth the paper and ink they are printed on as anybody can come up with a different opinion. I could also provide stories as to provenance but then again, how could you verify that? So I won’t.

I will allow a ten-day inspection period during which you can show it to anybody you want, discuss it with whoever you want or sleep over it. Returns will only be accepted upon providing sound, logical and commonly acepted arguments. Buyer's remorse, having found it at a lower price somewhere else, your wife serving ultimatums, etc. are not grounds for return. Returns will only be accepted during that period after notification by email or phone and the item must be returned in the original condition it was shipped. Any ‘extra’ wear or damage inflicted (such as but not limited to: taking parts to test the material, cutting the threads from a sewn insignia to see what is under, scratching the surface to verify metal content, etc.) will void this privilege. Return shipping will be at the buyer’s expense. Items will be refunded minus any fees incurred by me in the process. No ‘restocking’ fees will be charged, only actual fees if applicable (for example import taxes, general sales taxes, etc.).