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Condition/Grading System

1 Poor condition = lots of wear, lack of details, leather is stiff/ cracked, damage, heavily rusted

2 Good condition = honest field wear with small damage or some leather stiffness, moderate rust

3 Very good condition = Some field wear with minor damage, leather is supple, markings are clear, minor surface rust only

4 Excellent condition = Very little wear, no damage, leather is very supple, markings are crisp, no rust

5 Minty condition = No apparent or very light wear, leather has natural original color, finish is at least 95%

Items will be graded accurately and any defect will be part of the description. Accurate pictures will support the description and show not only points of interest but also any damage or area of concern. Please ask for additional pictures (please specify what you want to see) if needed. Inquiries or questions are welcome.

My goal is to allow buyers to make a clear decision without any surprise when they open the box they have waited for. Any other way of doing business would be a loss of time from my part and yours, lots of frustrations for both parties and would consume more of my time handling returns than the possible profit I could derive from the sale.