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Jager/Forestry combined tunic, cap and belt


This is a rare occurence where a forestry gabardine tunic is also doubled as a Jager one. Tunic has insignias for a higher rank official of the forestry service but the arm badge is a stunning Jager association badge, all in bullion threads. It also has a nice deer sculpted in a piece of deer antler sewn on the right breast. It has a 3-place ribbon bar for service in WW1 and 25 year service in the party as well as a DRL sport badge and a KVK 1st class medal without swords. Tunic shows no damage or wear. Cap is the forestry one for officers. The maker is hard to read but the logo and diamond shield are mostly intact. Belt is the brocade type in a larger 105 size with the middle rank official buckle marked Assmann. a rare set to find.

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