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LW Flak Flight blouse uniform


Nice set . Blouse shows light wear wih the cloth color leaning more on the grey than the blue. Proper black glass buttons. Original eagle and colar tabs with one gull. Slip on shoulder boards with red piping that shows fading, therefore matching the tunic. Well marked inside (Lago) but a bit faded. Readable on close look. Pants are a nice pair of M44 designed to use a belt. They are in excellent condition and well marked, Lago, same as the tunic. Buttons are the metal dish type, typical of later war items. Belt is a large 105 and is code marked and dated. It has one crack o the inside, therefore not visible from the outside (both sides pictured). Buckle is the steel type with plain field and has most of its finish. It has a nice leather tab dated 1940. Very nice set overall.

Nice jackboots and various headgear available to complete a mannequin if interested. Just contact me.

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