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LW Flak Helferinnen-Rock 44 tunic


This is one of the last garnments created and issued in the war and very few of those were actually worn. It was intended to replace all other uniforms issued before to the LW female helpers. However, all previous uniforms were to be worn out before this one could be issued. Very coarse material that has no visible markings but is textbook construction. It is a very small size with a right side internal breast pocket and eyes to button the pants for a tight fit. Tunic buttons on the women's side and has a 2-button lower flap. Right arm has the flak helper shield with eagle and sword. Left arm has the special helferin rank insignia for 'fuhrerin' and the trade badge for direction finder operator. The LW eagle is over the right breast. This tunic is discussed in Littlejohn's book, 'Defending the Reich' on p.231

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