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National police M43 complete uniform


Beautiful set ready to put on a mannequin. Cap is in minty condition. Insignia is the late war combined BeVo insignia which is consistent with the dish buttons (generally used on pants) and the date 1944 found inside the cap which was made in France as seen with the nice maker stamp. Tunic is the rare to find M43. Arm eagle and collar tabs are the stabdard embroidered type in green to denote national police. Tunic shows numerous moth nips and small holes both no nap wear damage. It has great markings inside, including police issue. Boards are the slip on type but do not attach (they didn't come with the tunic). Pants have great markings, including ,aker, date and police issue. It has a couple od small moth holes. Belt is the type exclusive to police with the special buckle catch that is nicely maker marked. Belt is size 05 and has only one little hole to report. Buckle is the aluminum type with large swastika. It has a nice leather tab dated 1938 and maker marked. A great set that would be hard to upgrade.

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