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About us

Welcome to this site.

What is offered here is my personal collection, gathered since I started collecting in 1978. This means that, unlike a ‘regular’ dealer, most of these items are one of a kind.

I do not have ten or twenty examples of each. I have thrived to get the very best in my collection, so the general condition and quality is superior to what most dealers will offer. 

I am selling these items because I have reached an age where collecting requires more time and efforts than I am capable to devote and I have nobody to leave it to, so I might as well offer these items to people who will care about them as much as I did.

Please note that due to Paypal policy, items on this site cannot be sent to France and Germany if paid with Paypal. Please contact me for alternative modes of payment. If your shipping address is in either one of those countries and you pay with Paypal, your payment will be refunded. I am sorry about this but I have to abide by their rules.