Welcome to this site. What is offered here is my personal collection, gathered since I started collecting in 1978. This means that, unlike a ‘regular’ dealer, most of these items are one of a kind. I do not have ten or twenty examples of each. I have thrived to get the very best in my collection, so the general condition and quality is superior to what most dealers will offer. I am selling these items because I have reached an age where collecting requires more time and efforts than I am capable to devote and I have nobody to leave it to, so I might as well offer these items to people who will care about them as much as I did.


This site offers authentic quality items that are part of history. The purpose of collecting is to preserve and testify about historical events. This site and its owner do not have any political association, nor does it support any ideology or intends to convey any social or political message. It is strictly offering these items for collectible and historical purposes.

Pricing, Payment, Hold /Layaway & Shipping

All prices are in USD. They are usually firm, although someone buying many items or regular customers can ask for a rebate. I have tried to set fair prices and I will generally stick to them.

I accept the following methods of payment: Paypal (please add 5% to cover their fees), cash (at your own risk if not registered), international money orders (not the green type marked Negotiable in the US only), Moneygram, and Western Union (the buyer covers the fees associated with those), banks transfers (wire).

I don’t put items on hold, and I don’t offer layaway unless you are a known buyer, and the total value of your purchases exceeds $2000.

I ship worldwide. Please make sure you obey your own custom and import laws and regulations as once it leaves Canada, I decline any responsibility. Shipping fees will depend on how you want items to be shipped. I will charge actual cost.

Authenticity, Guarantee & Return Policy

I only collected authentic, original, period items and I sell them as such. I however understand and accept that different people can have different opinions regarding authenticity and that ‘experts’ are numerous in this field. I will not enter into arguments with anybody as to the authenticity of the items I offer for sale. The bottom line is: you have to be happy with what you buy. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

Therefore, I do not offer any guarantee or make any claim as it would be ludicrous anyway. I could start printing ‘Certificates Of Authenticity’ (the famous COA) but they would only be worth the paper and ink they are printed on as anybody can come up with a different opinion. I could also provide stories as to provenance but then again, how could you verify that? So, I won’t. You are buying an item, not a story.

All sales are final. I am not a dealer, I am not a Walmart, I do not offer items ‘for inspection’. I do not offer a ‘I will think about it’ period and I will not manage emotional swings such as ‘buyer’s remorse’, ‘my wife had a tantrum’ or ‘the forum gurus told me it was a fake’. Dealers who offer a ‘lifetime’ guarantee are a business with employees and insurance and they charge you for that guarantee. I am a lone collector.

Condition/Grading System

Relic condition: The item was dug out or was left to rust in an outside building. It will show heavy rust, corrosion, wear, mothing, missing or broken parts

Poor condition: lots of wear, lack of details, leather is stiff/ cracked, damage, heavily rusted or mothed

Good condition: honest field wear with small damage or some leather stiffness, moderate surface rust, slight traces or mothing, nap wear

Very good condition: Some field wear with minor damage, leather is supple, markings are clear, minor surface rust only, some nap wear, if mothing, only a few small spots

Excellent condition: Very little wear, no damage, leather is very supple, markings are crisp, no rust, no mothing, no nap wear

Mint/unissued condition: No apparent or very light wear, leather has natural original color, finish is at least 95%, no nap or tracking.

Items will be graded accurately and any defect will be part of the description. Accurate pictures will support the description and show not only points of interest but also any damage or area of concern. Please ask for additional pictures if needed (please specify what you want to see). Inquiries or questions are welcome.

My goal is to allow buyers to make a clear decision without any surprise when they open the box they have waited for. Any other way of doing business would be a loss of time from my part and yours, lots of frustrations for both parties and would consume more of my time handling returns than the possible profit I could derive from the sale. It would also open the door to abuse and put myself in a situation where I assume all the risks and the buyer has no responsibility, which would be wrong.